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Project Management
Any human activity that involves executing a non-repetitive task can be considered
a project. So we are all project managers! But there is a big difference between
carrying out a very simple project involving one or two people and one involving a
complex mix of people, organizations and tasks.

With a plan in mind, a project can be captured on paper with a few simple
elements: a start date, an end date, the tasks that have to be carried out and when
they should be finished, and some idea of the resources (people, machines etc)
that will be needed during the course of the project.

The idea that complex plans can be analyzed by a computer to allow someone
to control a project is the basis of much of the development in technology that now
allows projects of any size and complexity not only to be planned but also modeled
to answer 'what if?' questions (provide real time information, as well as linking to
risk analysis, time frame, costing, estimating and other aspects of project control).

But computer programs are only "tools" for project managers to use.

Project Management is a mix of components of control, leadership, teamwork,
resources management etc that goes into a successful project.
PARS has adopted the following approach to Project Management
(and elements of each phase):
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